BCC, please appear

First things first: Why am I posting so much today? Well, after my
vacation to Tonga, I was buried in email (1200 messages) that required answers,
not just deletion. That's 1200 with my filters on, with my rules going etc. When
I first came to Microsoft, I was overwhelmed, and I tried to respond to mail as
soon as it entered my inbox. What I soon learned is to work in a batch-oriented
process. Just while typing this blog entry, several mails have arrived. I will
get to them. Maybe, unconsciously I have found that I get better performance
when I follow the GC model of the .NET Framework. I mark and sweep, clean out
the objects, grabbing those that have been in memory for shortest time first and
freeing up their memory. Whatever. I am taking this way too far.

Anyway, I am catching up on things (I'm down to about 300 pre and
post vacation messages). This respite has given me the chance to catch up on a
few tasks. One of things I like is to have the BCC button appear on my default
mail form in Outlook. It is not there by default. To get it to appear, I just
add this registry key/value:


Warning: Altering the registry can cause problems
if done incorrectly.

If you are unsure about the registry or how to
alter it, you should not make changes using this method.



I add this to

Rock on

Comments (9)

  1. You can also do this, by creating a new mail,

    and selecting View -> BCC Field. This will display the BCC each subsquent time a new mail is created.

  2. mark says:

    you don’t need to edit the registry to do this. merely open a new email form (CTRL+SHIFT+M), click on the view menu, and check the "bcc field" entry.

    the bcc field should appear on all new email forms from now on.

  3. dkrause says:

    So where’s the "Reply to List" registry key?

  4. You can also simply click View -> BCC Field when editing an email. This setting will persist.

  5. Raj says:

    In Outlook 2003, start a new message, do View -> BCC. Outlook will remember this value.

  6. Tom Mertens says:

    If you’re using Word as your e-mail editor, you can also click on the "Options" dropdown button on the toolbar (notice I do not mean the "Tools" menu / "Options") and (un)check ‘BCC’ or ‘From’. If you’re not using Word as e-mail editor, it’s just in the View menu. This does the same, but you don’t need to hack into the registry. 😉

  7. List of actions in Outlook that are available but not as easy to find as they should:

    * Having a BCC button (great example on why placing an overall option inside the message options is counterintuitive)

    * Viewing message headers (e.g., to quickly see that a message from "Kevin" is actually coming from gksgjf@happyspammers.net. Are headers an "option"?)

    * Changing the reply address (why

    isn’t this available as a message property?)

    Some more?

    Don’t forget that you have the power to get them fixed ‘:)

    (Disclaimer: I’m talking about O2K, I have the O2K3 CDs sitting on my desk and I haven’t upgraded yet. Some issues may have already been fixed)

  8. Ah,

    You assume I have too much power!

    Thanks all for showing me how to do this in UI. I was unaware of how to make it stick in the UI. I always had one-off behavior. The reg setting solved it for me.

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