Making my own movies with Movie Maker 2

I spent a good share of my Saturday taking the movies of our Tonga
vacation from my Canon zr-40 into href="">Movie
Maker 2 and working with them. I really like Movie Maker 2, and if want
to augment it with additionally sophisticated video editing (cropping, adding
balloons, complex text, layering and so much more) try href="">Camtasia Studio as a
complement to MM2. I have been using it since early versions, and I love

Then, I used MyDVD
to burn the actual DVD. I chose the wrong screen res, so my video was a
little dithered. I'll fix that on a re-burn.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun doing this work. Some people do it for a living.
But, that's not me.

There is a truly brilliant site maintained by, of course, an MVP that gives
well-organized and very valuable information about how to make your own movies.
Check it out at href="">
This site deserves a special award.

thought for the day: I recent heard Black Flag's song "T.V. Party" from 1981.
It's a song that captures the essence (if there is one) of punk. What a song.
True punk aficianados (if there can be any) would deny that punk is conventional
in any way. But, the mere objection, as anyone who suffered through a liberal
arts graduate school program knows, is a sign of convention, so trapped in
convention we remain. It's called post-modernism...get used to it.

Rock on.

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