Killer news and RSS Outlook combo

So, after I solved a proxy server issue, I was able to get NewsGator working again (after my machine rebuild- see this post for info on that).

I am still pleased with NewsGator. It focuses on the most obvious features for reading and does them well. But, to get even more value out of NewsGator- I recommend installing Lookout software which makes searching for content in your inbox or other folders much more powerful. Lookout indexes all of your personal folders, and your searches are nearly instantaneous. There are features lacking, but the basic premise is solidly done. So, as NewsGator pumps posts into folders, they are indexed by Lookout. I am much more informed and I find it easier to manage the RSS feeds trickling into my personal folders.

 Rock thought for the day: Heard "Pepper" today, one of my old alt favorites. Here's the lyric to the bridge:

they were all in love with dyin'
they were drinking from a fountain
that was pouring like an avalanche
coming down the mountain

Rock on.

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  1. kip says:

    I agree. While I don’t search my set of blogs very often, I was looking today for the KC Lemson post on making an Outlook Flag Toolbar. Lookout found it Instantly! Very cool and so useful when you need it (ps the flag toolbar is another great addition to the Newsgator/Lookout/Outlook 2003 combo. The ability to easily mark entries for later perusal etc is invaluable when you follow a lot of blogs…)


  2. Glad you agree! The only thing is that I think it’s a shame that I have to go to so many different add-ins to get what I want. It’s a mixed blessing. In one sense, I am glad that Outlook is so extensible to allow for these ISVs to do their magic. On the other hand, it starts to add up $$.

  3. > it’s a shame that I have to go to so many different add-ins

    You can now read RSS feeds in Outlook without an add-in. Check out IzyNews at

  4. Its always fun, although perhaps somewhat narcisistic, to see who is writing about Lookout 🙂 Today I ran into a nice mini review of Lookout and other tools. Lookout wins! And here is another from a guy that uses Lookout + Newsgator. Another satisfied user says that Lookout "doesn’t suck", is fast and worth the price. Scott Waterman wrote this great entry comparing Lookout to Gmail. Nice to be considered among the big boys! And I guess Scott’s article prompted this nice review too. Another guy says that "Lookout is [his] best friend" Here’s one about a guy taking a…

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