My second day at TechEd was energizing. I met with a lot of people at the booth, and the Information Bridge Framework (IBF) involvement in the keynote really boosted interest. It has also generated more interest in smart tags.

Smart tags is one of those technologies that is incredibly powerful and useful, but many developers still do not seem to know much about it or how to get going. Many business decision makers (BDMs) have not been adequately exposed to the business benefits of smart tags either. I am hoping that IBF helps change that somewhat. IBF is all about more easily and intelligently bringing LOB app and ERP data to the best desktop productivity suite in the world. Smart tags figure prominently in the demos that have been shown at this show.

I went to a fun get-together at the W hotel last night (sand on the roof and loads of people) after riding the bicycle trainer like a madman, and then I went to the next wave of the fun at a place called the Bitter End. I was getting tired, and I missed my wife and kids, so I headed home early. I saw some old friends there, and that was fun.

Here is as shot of me with some lady in a truly American suit. She was doing publicity for Sybari software. I'm quite happily married, so the marketing effects were dramatically reduced, but this company's sales/marketing team has most of the audience figured out (let's see....11,000 attendees most of whom are IT guys who have not seen the light of day for years; it's an easy target). I thought you might find this amusing, and those of you who know me will find it especially funny.

 Rock throught for the day: There was no good music at either of the places where I went last night. I came home and fell asleep listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM!

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