FrontPage code snippets and Bilngual Translation Service

Just today, we pushed a couple of new items live on MSDN. The first ( is a pretty useful technique for creating code snippet files in FrontPage 2003 so that frequently used code can be stored in an XML file that conforms to the Code Snippet Configuration schema. If you work in a team that uses FrontPage 2003, you can share these snippets with others and they will have a predictable experience. You can also manage the snippets, adding and removing in an intelligent way.

The second goes a very different direction and deals with translation dictionaries in the Research and Reference task pane in Office 2003. Basically, the idea behind it is to let you add new bilingual translation dictionaries to the Research task pane without having to do a ton of work. Office 2003 ships with some dictionaries already to go. But, you may want to add your own. I am thinking not only of regular languages, but even of terms and words that are spelled differently or have a different meaning for given company or organization, where there is a unique "language" for a given entity. Well, this article shows you how to get a new one up and running without having to write a bunch of implementation code. It's pretty darn cool. Check it out here:

 Rock thought for the day: I finally learned how to play "Enter Sandman" by Metallica (without blistering Kirk Hammett solo- give me a break gang). This is the equivalent of learning "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, which every garage band guitarist learns at some point. I plan to tackle a simplified version of the head-banging solo at some point, but I need to get the rest of it down much faster first. It's a great song with an incredibly infectious riff. BTW: I have four boys, and they (the one's old enough to play) have finally settled on a name for their punk/rock band: Porkaliner. Don't ask me what it means, and they don't know either. Heaven help me. 

Rock on.

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