Office Developer Center and the MVP Summit

So, the MVP Summit has come and gone. What a great experience. I hope they had as much fun as I did. During one of the sessions, those of us tasked with providing programmability documentation for Office developers peppered the MVPs with tons of questions. We wanted feedback. I appreciate the candor and careful thought that the MVPs put into their responses. I am not sure they know how valuable what they say is to us.

It's easy to become cynical about most anything. I have heard people (not at the MVP Summit) say, "If Microsoft asks for feedback, go ahead and give it, but nothing will happen." I acknowledge that we cannot possibly respond to every concern in the world, but I say as earnestly as I can that my experience at Microsoft is quite the opposite to a culture of apathy or resting on laurels. Nearly everyone I know wants to respond to legitimate, constructive, or even undiplomatic feedback. The MVPs can be counted on for being great voices for their respective communities of people. I value the responses they gave us around questions like:

How you would like to improve our SDKs?

When do you want them most?

What kind of documentation is working best?

What is not working?

What is hard to find?

Where have we dropped the ball?

We listened, took notes, and now we will do our level best to respond and improve things. I have posed questions like these in blog or on the site I manage, and I welcome feedback from pretty much anyone, including your cat as long as it knows how to write some code 🙂

Anyway, this is a long way of saying thanks to the MVPs. You really gave me a boost yesterday with your energy and interest.

Rock on.

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