Sorting out Collaboration

Look, I work here, and I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the number of products we product, support, and upon which solutions can be built. To that end, I wrote this article that just went live a few minutes ago.

“Let’s sort Out Collaboration”

Basically, I just wanted to do a somewhat raw rundown of the various collaboration technologies or products in the Microsoft Office System and what they mean. It is not intended as a marketing tool. Rather, I just wanted to have it all make a little more sense. Of course, you ought to go to each product’s documentation to get the full scoop.

As a side note (my 10+ years of studying, translating, and writing in Latin now come to the surface), the word in Latin for understanding has to do with dividing things up. In other words, in order to understand something, things must be separated out. This actually has close ties to the verb for reading, which also amounts to sorting things out. Think about it, without a comprehension of the conventions of reading, the text is just a long, meaningless string of characters. It is only when we begin to put the spaces in that some provisional comprehension begins to emerge.

I did two Masters degrees in French literature, and I did my doctoral courework and exams, so I used to play around in the theories of meaning and interpretation. I miss it often, actually.


Rock on.


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