Super New Office-related dev content

My team just pushed some great stuff.

Bill Coan (way cool Word guy) wrote this gem for us:

Getting into XML with the Microsoft Office System

Franke Rice wrote this one about automating Outlook from Access and doing some of the bread-and-butter tasks:

Using Automation in Microsoft Office Access 2003 to Work with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003


In my regular column, I show why you ought to have the XML Toolbox for working with XML and Word:

 Developing Word XML Using the Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML Toolbox

Rock on.

Comments (5)

  1. Bill Coan is a great author. I was excited to see John Durant announce his article is now up on MSDN. This article is a high level overview of XML in office 2003 and its benefits. I think this has a large audience, as everyone knows XML is important to Office but do they really know why? I don’t think most people "get it yet." But they well. Also check out Bill’s product site:….

  2. Just a Developer says:


    Good Stuff!

    Do you know who won the Microsoft Office System Developer Contest?

    This site:

    has been stale for the longest time, and never published the Winners…

  3. johnrdurant says:

    I’m looking into it.

  4. Just a Developer says:

    Great! I really want to know who won the Mini!

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