Tablet PC and Office

OK- so I just got out of this meeting, wherein we were discussing some up-coming content for the site ( ) I manage (really it’s managed by capable hands at MSDN, but my team and I do all of the content management and planning). I used my TabletPC to pull open Outlook, find a mail that had an attached Word doc that was vital to our discussion. I added annotated notes in the document as we talked, and then I sent it around to attendees for review as the meeting ended. It was so convenient, so smooth, so “the way I like to work”. It saved me time. Everyone can see the doc with my notes as I took them, in my writing, including little diagrams I can sketch out at the time. It’s about moving the tools out of the way so we can actually communicate.

Kudos to the TabletPC visionaries. It’s a sign of things to come.

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