newsgator adds value in more ways than one.

 I just installed newsgator, and I am not sure if I can adore it as others seem to have. I’ll give it time. I like the idea of adding value to my Outlook experience. But, another benefit came along.

So often, when I use non-Microsoft software, my appreciation grows for the UI research we do and the quality of our user assistance (help systems and so forth). I freely acknowledge that I have been baffled by the menus and such in Microsoft products, but our help systems are unarguably superior than any other product I know of, particularly when it comes to Office. Our new Office Online web site with its tight integration in Office 2003 is simply a statement of leadership.

If I have time, I will write a Newsgator Online help system for the community….yeah, in my free time.


Comments (2)

  1. I think that Newsgator should advertise their products at Office Online Marketplace. Everyone who uses it seems to love it.

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