Beatles-Let it be…

Yesterday, my new Beatles CD arrived from, and it is the new unadorned version of the Let it Be tracks. I highly recommend this album. You hear the Beatles as few ever heard them. It's been in continuous loop in my computer since this morning.

Comments (4)

  1. Jason Tucker says:

    I second this, a long and winding road with out the orchestra is simply wonderful.

    The fly on the wall track is very interesting too.

  2. John R. Durant says:

    Yes. The extra CD was a treat . These guys are just interesting to listen to, whether noodling around with their instruments or teasing one another.

    Their love for the blues comes through so much more clearly in this CD set. Robert Johnson would be proud.

  3. Jan-Olov Eriksson says:

    Haven’t heard the "new" one, but I feel that most of their work has already been released in one or another form (Long and winding… without orchestra, is nothing new). And that most things that are released now, is just the record companies trying to earn more money. 🙂 Please don’t misunderstand me, Beatles is my all time favorite band, the greatest music ever. But what would you say is new with this record?

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