How WPF can help your golf game, or PING’s new beginning

This app from PING, called nFlight, is extremely cool.  Beautiful, sophisticated, and fun.  nFlight analyzes your golf swing to develop specifications for custom fit golf clubs.  The app performs complex simulations and renders beautiful displays that show actual ball flight with different club parameters, humidity levels, wind conditions, etc.  It even shows the leaves blowing…


Have you heard of Living Ink yet?

My last post talked about an envisioning video that shows how we may use technology 10 years into the future.  Turns out, not all of the technology concepts are that far away.  In fact, one of the interesting technology innovations is already here: It’s called Living Ink.   Remember the very first scene in the actual…


Making tool bars interesting again. No, really.

Here’s something interesting from InfoSpace… a tool bar!  No, really.  In fact, see for yourself over at Sam Chenaur’s site.   He’s got a nice screen grab, too.  This is not your “father’s toolbar”.    I tried to get my own screen grab from the Recipe toolbar I installed, but it’s really quite hidden until you engage with it… so it’s completely…


Another Surface video

Not exactly new, but worth checking out this video if you haven’t seen it and are interested in Microsoft Surface, the new multi-touch table top computer coming out “soon”.  More info here, too.   Technorati tags: surface, user experience, UX


The consumer value stream mind set

I saw this today, and it cracked me up.  It’s an insightful (and funny!) one-panel exposition on the importance of understanding consumer motivations — the things that are important to them, what they are trying to accomplish.  In microeconomic terms — what creates “utility” for them.  How consumers go about realizing that utility — that…


PhizzPop Interview: Silverlight for cross platform video at University of Michigan

Just saw this over at PhizzPop.  What is PhizzPop you may ask?  It’s a fledgling community site for designers to learn from and showoff to their peers.  The link above is to an interview with Ken Arbogast-Wilson, Manager of Media Development and Production at the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning.  Ken…


Building brand and transcending walled gardens

Ok – so I’ve been posting about Popfly a lot lately.  Why am I so excited about Popfly?  It’s simple, actually.  Popfly is more than a mashup maker.  And it’s more than a Mashout tool (for sharing mashups) — though it is that, too.  What makes Popfly so exciting is the business scenarios.  I promised…


Academia 2.0? The reponse to A Vision of Students Today

Technorati Tags: Adaptive , User Experience , Computing is a liberal art , knowledge , academia 2.0 Walter Stier posted a link to an interesting video made by a Kansas State cultural anthropology class on what it’s like to be a college student today.  In case you missed the “response” video from the same creators,…


Optimizing the consumer value stream

Technorati Tags: systems thinking , lean , consumer experience , web 2.0 , next web , loyalty Are you thinking about your consumers’ personal value stream?  The businesses I generally work with are familiar with the notion of a value chain or a value stream.  Whether you call it business process re-engineering, change management, six…


Mono Moonlight – Silverlight on Linux is near

Technorati Tags: Silverlight , moonlight , linux , UX , User Experience Just saw this from Jesse Ezell: Mono is expected to release an alpha version of Moonlight later this week at the Paris MIX.  This will let users running browsers on Linux clients view and interact with Silverlight content … like this on the…