Discovering Pickle – Updated

  With a name like Pickle, the options for joke-making can be overwhelming.  🙂  That aside, this is a very interesting service for sharing photos and videos.  I’m embedding a pickle player below that shows a couple pics — one for each of my kids — that were taken in August 2006. <Note: There seems…


Popfly Video Tutorial – LOL

Daryll McDade knows I’m a big fan of Popfly, so he sent me over to see recently released Popfly Tutorial video.  Educational, and funny, too!   Technorati tags: Popfly, Funny


Surface, Popfly, Photosynth, Silverlight, Windows Live Platform, and consumer value stream links

Was talking to some folks the other day about some of the cool stuff emerging from Microsoft, and after mentioning to folks they could learn more on this blog, I got request to consolidate some links together into a single post.   Voila!  🙂 Surface Popfly  Photosynth Silverlight Windows Live Platform Consumer Value Stream Technorati tags:…


Enterprise Mashups = Service Oriented Reporting?

Josh Holmes posted here about the article on Enterprise Mashups he recently co-wrote with Larry Clarkin for Architecture Journal.  It’s a good article, and he talks about presenting the paper at SAF (Strategic Architect Forum) recently, and the feedback that he and Larry received from attendees.  A brief quote: “Enablement and Governance were the two…


Go ahead — Rip my blog! (And web IM me, too)

That is, if you like my blog.    I’ve added a couple new gadgets a little ways down the right hand column of the blog.  The first is a Popfly gadget of my blog.  Why a gadget of my blog on my blog?  Sort of redundant, no?  Well, yes.  But, if you like the blog you can use the Popfly gadget to grab the “embed code” of…


Building brand and transcending walled gardens

Ok – so I’ve been posting about Popfly a lot lately.  Why am I so excited about Popfly?  It’s simple, actually.  Popfly is more than a mashup maker.  And it’s more than a Mashout tool (for sharing mashups) — though it is that, too.  What makes Popfly so exciting is the business scenarios.  I promised…


How to make Facebook app with Popfly

Tom Foremski has a post on ZDNet that talks about how easy it is to make a Facebook app with Popfly.  It’s a good post in it’s own right, but I especially like that he also includes two videos with Dan Fernandez (a Product Manager on the team building Popfly) that lets you see first…


Popfly is growing up… Now everyone can mashup and mashout!

Technorati Tags: Popfly You might have heard that Popfly has graduated from Alpha to public Beta. Congratulations, Popfly! This means that anyone can now join the fun mashing up and mashing out (sharing your mashups). If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, see here and here.  And if you want details on the announcements…


Computing Is A Liberal Art, Part 3: Strategies for Reinforcing Loops and the Hive Mind

Technorati Tags: innovation , systems thinking , complexity science , adaptive , change , learning , Popfly , computing is a liberal art , knowledge , cyborg Here’s a conundrum: if knowledge is personal, how do I benefit from what you "know"?  One, if you help me learn you can reduce the transaction costs for…


Want more info on Popfly?

I recently got into the Popfly alpha, and have been playing around with it off and on for the last week or two.  Here’s a screenshot of a simple, compact News Reader that pulls in RSS feeds from the blogs of the members of the Microsoft’s DPE team that covers Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I call it the HLD DPE…