VPlay – Amazing new Surface app makes VJing collaborative

This VPlay app for Microsoft Surface is definitely a must-see…  makes VJing more fun, interactive, and collaborative.  Ars Technica has a write up here with a few videos + links to research papers.  This video, IMO, is the best one to really appreciate how cool this app is.  Technorati Tags: Surface,Microsoft


Getting your next yacht with Microsoft Surface – more news

Some additional news today about getting your next Lazzara Yacht with Microsoft Surface (see here for original post).  There are really two parts to this story: Lazzara’s announcement marks the first time Microsoft Surface is being made available to consumers. Adding Surface, and some special applications for Lazzara owners, to the yachting experience can improve…


You can play with Microsoft Surface today!

If you live in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio, or San Francisco, that is.  That’s because today marks the debut of Microsoft  Surface in a production, retail environment.  AT&T is using Microsoft’s revolutionary Surface tabletop computing device to help consumers compare cell phones.  The NY Times has more on what AT&T is doing here.  I…


Surface, Popfly, Photosynth, Silverlight, Windows Live Platform, and consumer value stream links

Was talking to some folks the other day about some of the cool stuff emerging from Microsoft, and after mentioning to folks they could learn more on this blog, I got request to consolidate some links together into a single post.   Voila!  🙂 Surface Popfly  Photosynth Silverlight Windows Live Platform Consumer Value Stream Technorati tags:…


Another Surface video

Not exactly new, but worth checking out this video if you haven’t seen it and are interested in Microsoft Surface, the new multi-touch table top computer coming out “soon”.  More info here, too.   Technorati tags: surface, user experience, UX


What is Surface?

Well, by now I imagine many folks may have heard a little bit about Surface — Microsoft’s latest computing innovation.  There’s a reason Surface is getting a lot of buzz: it really is ground breaking!  For those who haven’t seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. See www.microsoft.com/surface for videos that show Surface in…