Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s “Most Important Thing”

Interesting interview of Alan Mullaly here and also here.  Mulally is Ford’s CEO, and ran Boeing’s commercial airplane business until 2006 when he replaced Bill Ford in that role (Bill Ford is still Chairman).  In my mind, hiring Mulally may have been Bill Ford’s best and most important decision.  Both articles are worth a few…


Microsoft Codename Dallas: The “Big D” is a Big Deal

Roger Jennings over at Oakleaf systems published a handy, illustrated walk through of Codename “Dallas” today.  Definitely check it out.  Dallas was unveiled at PDC09, and is huge evolutionary step… not just for Microsoft or the tech industry, but across industries.  I think of Dallas as two things: A portal for discovering, exploring, and consuming…


Microsoft creates a “Server and Cloud Division”

The Windows Server Division weblog announced yesterday that the people who build Windows Server, Windows Azure, SQL Server, SQL Azure, Visual Studio and System Center will all now be part of the same organization, Server and Cloud Division (SCD).   This re-org is part of a transition for the Azure cloud business from a set of…


Jon Box talks IE8 on Deep Fried Bytes

My colleague Jon Box did an interview on IE8 a while back with Keith and Woody for Deep Fried Bytes that was just posted.  Good, fun, educational conversation!  A few of the topics Jon covers: Design objectives behind IE8 IE8 Security IE8 performance Acid2 and Acid3 tests Gazelle All in all, worth checking out! BTW,…


Huh? I wonder what else can you do with sonic pressure waves?

It’s been a crazy week, so a few minutes ago I just felt the need to see some innovative and cool technology to re-charge the mental batteries.  I went to bing and searched for “cool new technology”.  What caught my attention was actually a USA Today article called Cool new technologies are right around the…


SSD Odyssey, Part 3: Problems, Resolutions, and Performance Results

(Note: See this is the third and final post in the series.  See these links for SSD Odyssey, Part 1 and SSD Odyssey, Part 2) I started this series with the quest for “Extreme Windows 7 Speed”.  With the results of the clean install, I knew I was on the right track.  Sure, there are…


SSD Odyssey, Part 2: The SSD I chose, and how to migrate to an SSD

(Note: Continued from Part 1, here.) I purchased an OCZ Vertex 120GB SSD for $499.  (Did I mention they were expensive?).  Even though I’m using this in my work laptop, this expense did not fit in my hardware budget so I thought hard about taking this expense on my own shoulders.  In the end I…


An SSD Odyssey, Part 1: The Quest for Extreme Windows 7 Speed

If you’re like me, you always want your computer to be faster.   Speed is something you can never get enough of.  If you’re not yet familiar with Solid State Drives (aka SSDs) yet, you probably will be at some point.  This technology is beginning to move into the mainstream.  Unlike traditional hard drives, an SSD…


Can you run Java, do ecommerce in Azure? Dominos leads the way

At the PDC09 yesterday, Dominos Pizza showed up in a short video in the keynote talking about their work to move their ecommerce site to Windows Azure, running on Java.   The Dominos story is an interesting one on multiple levels.  On the one hand, it’s a great example of using technology to solve business problems….


Facebook, Microsoft, AOL putting spammers’ “heads on spikes”

Ok, they’re just prosecuting spammers for multi-million dollar judgements, that likely will never be collected… but it’s a great quote (and perfect for Halloween!).  And the effect is hopefully equivalent to the head-spiking from long ago.  Ultimately, spam is bad for the internet, and it’s great to see companies with resources going after the spammers….