How to develop apps for Windows Phone 7 Series

I love that I’m already getting questions on how to develop apps for Windows Phone 7 Series!  The bottom line answer to this question, for now, is this: Go to MIX where we will share info on how to develop apps for Windows Phone 7 Series.  For more on Windows Phone 7 Series, MIX, and my colleague Jon Box, keep reading. 

I sat down at the keyboard today to whip out a post on Windows Phone 7 Series, the new mobile OS from Microsoft that we unveiled at World Mobile Congress this week.  I figured some news, a photo from the announcement, and some links to more info as well as early reactions would be just about right. 

Fortunately, I checked my email first and noticed my colleague Jon Box has already published just such a post!  If you’re interested in the topic, definitely check out Jon’s Windows Phone 7 Series post

clip_image001I’m already getting emails from folks asking how they can build apps for Windows Phone 7 Series and integrate with the experience, as Pandora appears to be doing in this pic with Joe Belfiore from the announcement press conference.   

Unless you are already in the Early Adopter Program, the general answer to questions like this is “We’ll discuss this at MIX”. 

If you’ve never been to MIX before, it’s an event for web designers and developers out in Las Vegas, and personally it’s my favorite Microsoft event.  MIX is shaping up to be fantastic this year so it’s a great time to visit MIX for the first time.  Naturally, there will be more than Windows Phone 7 Series at MIX this year, but everyone who wants to have an app experience on Windows Phone 7 Series when it hits consumers hands in the fall should attend MIX.

One final plug for my Architect Evangelist friend and colleague, Jon Box and his blog: If you’re interest in Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Compact Framework, .NET Micro framework, Internet Explorer, or web development, Jon reliably covers these topics with helpful and interesting posts whenever there is new info to share. 

For fun, here’s a picture of Jon on stage with Steve Ballmer last month in Nashville at an event to honor our partners in the country music industry and support the Boys and Girls Club in Nashville. 


And if you happen to already know Jon, please be sure to give him a hard time about his new “upwardly mobile” status. 😉 

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