Windows 7 best selling Amazon pre-order of all time

windows 7 logo Amazon (UK) announced today that Windows 7 is the best selling pre-order product of all time, beating out Harry Potter.  A couple quotes from the TG Daily Article: 

  • "The launch of Windows 7 has superseded everyone's expectations, storming ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the biggest grossing pre-order product of all-time at, and demand is still going strong," says Brian McBride, Amazon UK MD.
  • "Over the past three months, only Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol has sold more copies than Windows 7, which is an incredible achievement for a software product."

Wow – second-best selling product in any category last quarter?  That’s pretty amazing for a product that’s not even available yet! You might be wondering if this means Windows 7 is poised for a great launch tomorrow.  Here’s what Engadget had to say about Windows 7 success at Amazon

“Take it from us, your London-based sleuths, when anything sells faster than Harry Potter books or DVDs in the UK, it's scorching hot.”

Additionally, tech blogger and entrepreneur Alex Wilhem over at The Next Web had this to say:

“Windows 7 was being rumored to have been overshadowed by the recent Apple event, but the consumers are speaking. Windows 7 is going to be a blowout success for Microsoft, at least in terms of initial sales.”

Only time will tell what will really happen, of course, but it’s nice to see the warm response from consumers and businesses alike to Windows 7. 

You can pre-Order your copy of Windows 7 (and get a discount) here before tomorrow!

BTW, something cool that I think is new, if you order via the Microsoft Store you can choose to have Windows 7 shipped to you on DVD, or just download it to your USB drive (a great option, especially for netbook users). 

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