Facebook, Microsoft, AOL putting spammers’ “heads on spikes”

Ok, they’re just prosecuting spammers for multi-million dollar judgements, that likely will never be collected… but it’s a great quote (and perfect for Halloween!).  And the effect is hopefully equivalent to the head-spiking from long ago.  Ultimately, spam is bad for the internet, and it’s great to see companies with resources going after the spammers….


Celebrate Halloween with the Archetype Virtual Pumpkin Carver!

Check out this cool pumpkin carver from the good folks at Archetype!  Here’s mine:  A fun way to spread a little Halloween cheer – after you build your pumpkin and customize the message, you can generate an email to send it to your friends or just generate a permanent link and post it.  Nicely done,…


The Windows 7 Whopper (Really!)

Seven patties and 2120 calories.  Wow!  Read about the Windows 7 Whopper, or see the video below.    Technorati Tags: Windows 7,promotion


New Type of Cloud Computing Vulnerability?

The MIT Technology Review magazine recently reported that next month Eran Tromer, a postdoctoral reseacher at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, will present research suggesting that Amazon’s EC 2, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing offering, may be vulnerable to a form of eavesdropping and other attacks.  Tromer and his fellow researchers (who are from…


New Microsoft ads better than Bill and Jerry?

Well, no secret I’m one of the few who actually liked Microsoft’s  Seinfeld ads.  Always felt it was a great way to humanize the brand, and prepare it for a re-introduction to the world. In fact, I still feel that way.  Judging from the buzz when they launched, I think it’s safe to say they…


Windows 7 best selling Amazon pre-order of all time

Amazon (UK) announced today that Windows 7 is the best selling pre-order product of all time, beating out Harry Potter.  A couple quotes from the TG Daily Article:  "The launch of Windows 7 has superseded everyone’s expectations, storming ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the biggest grossing pre-order product of all-time at…


Searching Twitter with Bing

Ok, this is very cool. I just tried it, and I’m impressed.  Fast, relevent   results from the real-time twitter stream.  Load up www.bing.com/twitter and it gives you a tag cloud of what’s trending. I clicked on the Windows 7 tag and got a  real-time, continuously refreshing twitter stream back – nothing more than 1 minute…


The end of Moore’s law and the way forward

It’s no secret that Moore’s law is breaking down.  It will be great if the geniuses at Intel and AMD figure out how to keep increasing transistor densities, but it looks like circuits will start melting soon if we get much more dense.  My 20 month old Sony Vaio uses 45 nm circuits… there’s only…


Dungeons & Dragons, meet Multi-Touch and Machine Vision

Most the folks likely to stumble across this blog have heard of Microsoft Surface by now.  It’s the table top computer that came out a couple years back that brings together machine vision and massive multi-touch into a table form factor for collaborative experiences.  (For more background on Surface, see “What Is Surface”.) And, you…


Speed up Windows 7 boot times with… Microsoft Security Essentials?

If you’re planning to re-pave your machine and add Windows 7 sometime in the next few weeks, don’t forget to download Microsoft Security Essentials (aka, MSE).  The free anti-virus software package has gotten good reviews, and also got off to a very strong start with over 1.5 million downloads during it’s first week of general…