First Microsoft Surface retailer unveiled – order now!

Yep, you can now buy your own Microsoft Surface – complete with custom wood enclosure to match your decor.  Oh yeah, it comes attached to its own Lazzara Yacht, like this beautiful new LSX75 Fly!   LSX75fly

yacht_brokerage_show_34Lazzara Yachts made the announcement at the 20th Annual Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show this year, which is open now and running until 18-February. 

According to Rich Lazzara, other big news from the yacht-builder includes the announcement of the new and improved LSX75 Fly pictured above, as well as some news for the Lazzara Motor Cruiser 76 (aka LMC 76, shown below): “This yacht will use triple CMD Zeus engines making her the only pod driven motoryacht”. 

LMC76Ok, I have no idea what that really means.  I would, however, be thrilled to spend a few weeks here learning all about it first hand!

So what can you do with your Surface on a yacht?  If you go to the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami, most of what you’ll see is a Surface application to help you work with a designer to configure your own unique Lazzara Yacht.  In “Phase 2”, already underway, look for Surface to provide a variety of entertainment, media, trip planning, and ship controls capabilities – many bringing services from the web into a rich multi-touch, collaborative experience! 

surface on yacht

Update:  Infusion Development designed and built the application Lazzara is showing.  According to my buddy Hong, who has been working with Infusion and Lazzara, the new LMC 76 complete with Microsoft Surface should be available in June 2009.  Check out Hong's first-hand post Lazzara's recent unveiling, complete with many more pics of the event. 

For more on the specific application built by Infusion, and just a hint of what's to come in Phase 2, check out this video.

For more Lazarra pictures from the Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami, check out Rich Lazzara's flickr stream.


For more on Microsoft Surface, see here.

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  1. Beyond | IT says:

    Some additional news today about getting your next Lazzara Yacht with Microsoft Surface (see here for

  2. Rich Lazzara says:

    Thanks for the coverage.  We are very humbled to be the first to introduce this into the yachting industry.  The team at Infusion and Microsoft were great to work with .  Wait until you see phase two when its installed in the yacht June 09.  

  3. You heard right, folks. There’s absolutely no need to wait until 2011 in order to buy yourself a personal Surface. Instead, you can grab one of Microsoft’s multitouch phenomenons this June, but there’s just one tiny catch: it comes attached at the waist

  4. amit says:

    nice post………………….

  5. That’s great, I never thought about First Microsoft Surface retailer unveiled like that before.

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