Learn the Azure Services Platform with these practical, free little videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then at 30 fps, the “How Do I…” video series on the Azure Services Platform should be good for a library full of worth of Azure Services Platform goodness!

Indeed, that’s just the idea: to create a video library of free training on Windows Azure and the Services Platform that are:

  • Very practical and task-oriented – each video has a clear title so you know what you’re going to learn before you click it, and you can find exactly the one you want. 

  • “Bite-sized” – most are around 10 minutes each, so it’s easy to find time to watch and easy to share with friends and colleagues

Screen grab from Azure Services Platform HDI videos page on MSDN

Additionally, even if you’re not yet in the CTP for Windows Azure yet (sign up here), the videos let you “see” what the actual online experience is like.  True, you can do almost everything short of publishing your app to the cloud without being in the CTP – even including debugging against a simulated cloud environment – but if you also want to see the publishing and online management experience, these videos are nice way to do that. 

So what are the videos? Well, today we published 6 more “How Do I” videos on the Azure Services Platform, bringing the total up to nine.  The full list of Azure Service Platform videos available today are:

Additionally, more are on the way!  We have plans to publish up to 40 “How Do I” videos on Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform this year.  A sampling of future videos we’re thinking about include:

Service Video Topic
Windows Azure Using table partitions to increase storage performance
Windows Azure Troubleshooting concurrency issues
Windows Azure Implementing paging solutions in stateless environments
.NET Services Extending the resource model in the Live Framework
.NET Services Synchronize a media object (e.g, a picture)
Live Services Assign permissions to a media object
Live Services Manage workflow instances in the cloud
Live Services Passive Federation (website and access control)

Many of you will be asking yourself, where are the SQL Data Services videos?  Don’t worry, they’re coming – most likely in late Spring 2009. 

Finally, if there’s a specific topic you’d really like to see a “How Do I” video on, let us know in the comments! 

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