– Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire on Web Media: We Made Multiple Bets, and The Platform Side Won

For those interested in web video… Here’s a good interview with  Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Brightcove and former CTO of Macromedia.  Jeremy reviews a couple different business segments Brightcove has experimented with, and discusses how the company came to focus on the “platform” model.  Among other things, Jeremy mentions that Brightcove will support Silverlight video,…


This is just Elf-tastic!

Once again, I’ve been inspired by Steve Clayton.  Somehow I missed out on the elf thing last year.  Must have been working, or something. 😉  (Click the pic or here to catch my moves) Now, I wonder if Jon Box, Josh Holmes, Denny Boynton, Larry Clarkin, and others in DPE would join me for a…


Seth’s Blog: The Billion-Dollar T-Shirt

Ontological uncertainty exists when, even if you perfectly know and understand the environment you’re in, you still can’t predict the impact of your actions because the system is changing faster than the ripple effects of your actions can play out.  This is the situation Seth Godin faced when, back in 1993-94, he wrote a book…


Intellectual Arbitrage… from the George Costanza School of Management

Had the good fortune of meeting Frank Arrigo the other week down in Dallas for some training.  Good time.  While Frank’s head looked smaller in real life, it was chock full of good stuff nonetheless.   🙂  He got me thinking with a recent post here reviewing a book called: “Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite”.  …


Surface, Popfly, Photosynth, Silverlight, Windows Live Platform, and consumer value stream links

Was talking to some folks the other day about some of the cool stuff emerging from Microsoft, and after mentioning to folks they could learn more on this blog, I got request to consolidate some links together into a single post.   Voila!  🙂 Surface Popfly  Photosynth Silverlight Windows Live Platform Consumer Value Stream Technorati tags:…


Seadragon / Photosynth video

This is not exactly breaking news, as this video was presented at TED in March 2007, but the live demo is really so good that putting up here is long over due!  Get the source here:  


Toyota Robot Video – playing violin and trumpet

Yesterday I posted here on Toyota’s violin playing robot.  Cool stuff.  Here’s a video that shows a nice close up view on the fingers on the strings.  Sorry the video quality itself is poor — obviously it’s not Silverlight HD.    Also came across this video of a Toyota robot playing a trumpet.  Technorati Tags: Toyota,Robots


Share the Robot Love! Toyota’s violin playing bot and the GM FIRST Robot Challenge

I’m a fan of robots.  As such, two things caught my attention recently — one far from home and one very near.  First, on Thursday Toyota unveiled a white, 5 foot tall, violin playing robot that bowed with its right arm and pressed strings with its left.  Perhaps the performance lacked “soul”, but it was…


Swarm intelligence is a way to augment – not replace – our humanity

Interesting post here on swarm intelligence, but there’s a danger in applying this concept in a disempowering way.  Fundamentally, this is an empowering technological advancement that can help people cope with huge volume information in our lives, and in most cases I believe it’s best used to augment –and not replace — our humanity.  I…


Enterprise Mashups = Service Oriented Reporting?

Josh Holmes posted here about the article on Enterprise Mashups he recently co-wrote with Larry Clarkin for Architecture Journal.  It’s a good article, and he talks about presenting the paper at SAF (Strategic Architect Forum) recently, and the feedback that he and Larry received from attendees.  A brief quote: “Enablement and Governance were the two…