Popfly Game Engine Code on Codeplex

Though we decommissioned Popfly last Monday, Ben Anderson from the (former) Popfly team worked his magic (along with a lot of help from others, including our legal team) to get the Popfly Game Engine code on Codeplex under the MS-PL. Give it a look. Technorati Tags: Popfly,MS-PL,Codeplex


Popfly Game Creator Beta, or "Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges…"

Popfly, which we opened to the public last fall as a web mashup tool, has come a long way. Over the last ten months we launched an add-in for Visual Studio (Popfly Explorer) so people could create and open projects on the Popfly site from VS, a lightweight structured data storage system, we worked with…


Time to Brag!

Have you created a really cool Popfly project? If so, we want to hear from you!  Click here to send us your story and you may be featured on our site! Technorati Tags: Popfly


Ten Fun Popfly Games

Created by students. AlfredTh has the list. Technorati Tags: Popfly, Casual Games, Students


Adding Your Images to Games

A coworker who is teaching Popfly to his daughter just asked me, I’m working with my daughter who is working on a game and she wants to import a picture to be an actor. How does she do that? And is there a wiki or other site to get these kinds of answers? For once…


How to Make a Popfly Application a Full Facebook Application

In this short screencast, I’ll show you how to take a Popfly application (in this case, a mashup) and turn it into a full Facebook application using the “.facebook” feature of Popfly.   Technorati Tags: Popfly, Silverlight, Facebook, Screencast


Popfly: My Favorite Feature This Time

The neat thing about working on a team that updates its product every 4-5 weeks is that every 4-5 weeks I get to have a new favorite feature. With yesterday evening’s update to Popfly I had a bunch to choose from (Adam Nathan outlines many of them here) and I’m torn. We have an improved…


What People Do with the Game Creator

In two weeks we’ve gotten a bunch of interesting, fun games built with the Popfly Game Creator. Some of the team’s personal picks are now on our Wiki. I wound up playing Ninja Ball for quite some time.   Technorati Tags: Popfly, Silverlight, games


Why Build a Game Creator?

Several people have asked me, "Why would we do this?" They imply that there are so many better things to do. I typically speak about it in terms of increasing the potential universe of people who can create — developers of a sort. And I’ve made the argument in the past that something like Popfly…


Popfly on Moonlight

I’ll be darned. Daniele Muscetta has Popfly running on Moonlight.   Technorati Tags: Popfly, Virtual Earth, Moonlight, Silverlight, Mashups