Maker Faire and Popfly Results

Well, we saw a lot of people at Maker Faire, but the biggest thing we did was the ducks. Sure we gave a lot of demos, but for every demo we gave we had four kids painting ducks. Here are some of the ducks that the kids painted, Popfly-style.


Popfly Humor

Drew Bollman has posted his mashup wish list. He had me at #1.


Maker Faire: Meet the Popfly Team

Tonight a lot of my team and I head down to San Mateo, CA for O’Reilly’s Maker Faire. I’ve never been and am pretty excited to see what people are up to — things like the Fab@Home look neat. We’ll be in the Microsoft Coding4Fun booth giving demos of Popfly and painting rubber ducks.


Welcome to Popfly

Today (that’d be Friday) we’re announcing Microsoft Popfly(tm), which is the project my team has been working on. It’s a simple, web-based tool that makes it easy to create mashups, web pages, and so on. We also have a Visual Studio 2005 package that enables you to connect VS to Popfly. This is a simple…


Do People Want to Tweak?

I believe that people want the ability to control their digital experiences – not just setting backgrounds or uploading photos, but the ability to completely change any aspect of any product or website they use and reconfigure them at will. In other words, I believe that people fundamentally want to tweak their computers and the…


Sir Ken Robinson on Education

My boss sent this my way a couple of days ago. I put off looking at it since it seemed like it would be work-related and we all know that in the weeks preceding and following Christmas It Is Forbidden to Do Work. In any event I watched it today and finally characterized it as…


RTB Finished

One of the meetings that our division inflicts regularly schedules is called “running the business” (formerly they were called “rhythm of the business” but I think someone noticed that we don’t got rhythm). Our team had its RTB meeting today. It went well, with Adam Nathan delivering a stellar demo and Paramesh (my PUM) delivering a stellar…


Power Outage

This morning, building 41 lost power. Steven Wilssens (one of the PMs on my team) and I were just settling into some deep conversation when everything went black and the fire alarm started whooping and periodically saying, “Lobby, lobby, lobby” in an awful mechanical voice. So we all adjourned to the Building 26 cafeteria for…


Calculating Operational Costs

One of my tasks over the weekend was to calculate how much it would cost to operate a service. I can’t tell you what the service is, of course, since actually providing useful context is far beyond the scope of this blog. 😉 However, I had a good sit-down with Excel 12 on Saturday morning…