"VS 2008 SP1 Doesn’t Patch VS Express"

A customer noted yesterday that the patch for "big VS" (that is, Visual Studio 2008 Standard, Professional, and Visual Studio Team Suite) doesn’t patch Visual Studio Express. We did this because of the patch size: in the past Express customers would download one of the Express products (probably 50-60MB) and then have to apply the…


VS 2008 Beta 2 Express Editions

Available now along with the Coding4Fun Developer Kit. We’ve upgraded the Popfly team to using VSTS 2008 beta 2 as well.   Technorati Tags: Visual Studio, Express


Welcome to Popfly

Today (that’d be Friday) we’re announcing Microsoft Popfly(tm), which is the project my team has been working on. It’s a simple, web-based tool that makes it easy to create mashups, web pages, and so on. We also have a Visual Studio 2005 package that enables you to connect VS to Popfly. This is a simple…


WPF Patches for VC# and VB Express Orcas Ready

Updated Thanks for waiting: the patch that will enable VB Express and VC# Express April CTP to create WPF applications is available. VC# Express: http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/2/6/8267fa5a-e725-4bb8-850a-2f5fee4702db/OrcasVCSAprilCTPWPFPatch.EXE VB Express: http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/8/c/a8c65b33-600a-4ebc-9310-fc0845a892a2/MicrosoftVisualBasicExpressOrcasAprilCTPWPFPatch.EXE  


Visual Studio Express Orcas Available

  The first Community Technology Preview of all four Visual Studio Express “Orcas” products are available for download now. You can go to Channel 9 to see Soma’s video, or just go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/future to download and install. I’m incredibly interested in your feedback on these four products, especially on the DLINQ designer and the WPF…


RTB Finished

One of the meetings that our division inflicts regularly schedules is called “running the business” (formerly they were called “rhythm of the business” but I think someone noticed that we don’t got rhythm). Our team had its RTB meeting today. It went well, with Adam Nathan delivering a stellar demo and Paramesh (my PUM) delivering a stellar…


US Imagine Cup: Not Just Algorithms

One of the largest challenges facing CS students is the transition from being a CS student to writing production code in a work environment for a living. Historically programming challenges have focused more on CS-student-oriented work, but this year the Imagine Cup in the US is broadening out. Students will be given a spec and…


Job Descriptions

I’ve found that writing job descriptions is harder than I thought. In particular, it’s harder because I’m writing for so many audiences: for the internal developers and PMs who might be interested, the external folks, for other managers, and so on. Here’s one. What would make it better? Software Development Engineer 10 PRINT “This is…


NPT Team Charter

After about four months of working through some hard problems, I’ve begun to center our team on a few core work areas. Based a lot on the feedback you gave me through this blog, I narrowed it to three work areas: We’re going to start by building on the momentum of the current Visual Studio…


Non-Pro Tools Team PUM

We have a PUM. Paramesh Vaidyanathan who ran the India Developer Center for Developer Division – a team of something like 100 people – has decided he wants to come back to the US to run the Non-Professional Tools Team (NPT – our team). I’m incredibly excited. I’ve worked with Paramesh before as his marketing…