Diminishing Returns

I read “Product Management is Politics” with some interest. James’s post covers several areas that are perpetual (frustrating) truisms of product development, including the time-quality-features-people (pick two) dilemma. It got me to thinking about my own experience and perceptions. The natural behavior of development teams is to make incremental improvements to existing software. Yes, there are…


Can Marketing Learn from Development Teams?

About two years ago I decided to move from product marketing to a development team to ship something (at the time I was a bit vague on what exactly I’d be shipping, but it eventually clarified to become Popfly). Crossing over opened my eyes to some cultural differences and misunderstandings that marketing has about the…


VS 2008 Beta 2 Express Editions

Available now along with the Coding4Fun Developer Kit. We’ve upgraded the Popfly team to using VSTS 2008 beta 2 as well.   Technorati Tags: Visual Studio, Express

PM-Dev Ratios

Last Saturday, Dare posted an entry about PM/Dev ratios that I commented on twice. It’s unusual for me to comment on someone else’s blog, but ever since a Slashdot article on Popfly’s PM/Dev ratio I’ve been thinking about why people are giving us grief about this. In the abstract, I reflected, a rule of thumb that…