One of my friends, and a former teammate, is Aaron Brethorst. For the longest time I thought of him as the amusing guy from VScore who attended shiproom. It was only later that I realized he was an accomplished photographer. The photograph below is of the Smith Tower in Seattle, one of my wife’s favorite…


"To Truly Understand What It Is to Be an American You Must Eat Wonder Bread"

Earlier this week, two engineers from Microsoft in Germany (Sebastien Peray and Marcel Tilly) joined the Popfly team to work on adding a feature to Popfly. They invented a clever way to substitute one Popfly block for another a few months ago and were able to come out to Redmond to integrate the code this…


Screencasting the Hard Way

With today’s update to Popfly, comes a new Popfly screencast. Or kind of a screencast. It turns out that when you leave a development team alone for a few days, they do strange and wonderful things. Like stage a live-action screencast that uses humans dressed up as Popfly blocks to demo how to build a…


2008 Predictions

I predict that 2008 will have between 300 and 400 days. Most if not all will end in the letter “y.” Similarly, here in Seattle most if not all will involve some form of precipitation. I predict that the US will have an election this year. A democrat will win. Or a republican. In any…


We Bought a Pig

Yesterday, at the Pigs on Parade auction we purchased a pig. If you’ve spent any time around downtown Seattle you’ve probably seen one of these illustrious beasts hanging around looking porcine. If you haven’t spent any time around downtown Seattle, suffice it to say that the they are large (4-foot x 5-foot) fiberglass pigs that…


Office Hijinks

You go away for a week and you get pwned.  Office Hijinks Technorati Tags: office hijinks


Coding Best Practice

Courtesy Smalltalk Tidbits:   Technorati Tags: humor, coding


What "Vacation" Means During a Remodel

I took this week off from work. Or I should say, I took this week off from going to the office. So far, in addition to doing quite a bit of email (that’s the right verb, isn’t it — one “does” email?) and attending one teleconference (during which I invoked Bruce Willis and The Fifth…


Maker Faire and Popfly Results

Well, we saw a lot of people at Maker Faire, but the biggest thing we did was the ducks. Sure we gave a lot of demos, but for every demo we gave we had four kids painting ducks. Here are some of the ducks that the kids painted, Popfly-style.


Popfly Humor

Drew Bollman has posted his mashup wish list. He had me at #1.