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Ten Fun Popfly Games

Created by students. AlfredTh has the list. Technorati Tags: Popfly, Casual Games, Students

Adding Your Images to Games

A coworker who is teaching Popfly to his daughter just asked me, I’m working with my daughter who is working on a game and she wants to import a picture to be an actor. How does she do that? And is there a wiki or other site to get these kinds of answers? For once…

Alas Poor Houseplant, We Knew Him

My wife has had a houseplant for the past ten years. It’s one of those plants with huge leaves that thrives on being ignored. Despite ridiculous underwatering and one notable experience where we left it in the sun for a couple of days and it started to turn brown and crispy, it has done exceptionally…


Introduction to Plumbing

Plumbing is my least favorite home improvement task. Today I tried to repair the drain in my mom’s front bathroom. The pop-up wouldn’t go up and down. Based on this and all my previous plumbing experience, I have come up with John’s Rule of Plumbing: All plumbing work takes three trips: Trip 1: Get the…


Running Toilet

The toilet in the bathroom I was using in my mom’s house was running. Not a "jiggle-the-handle" kind of running — more like an "unstoppable-gallon-an-hour" kind of run. I lived with it for a couple of days, thinking, "If I were back in Seattle I’d go to the hardware store, buy replacement innards, and install…

Pandora and Classical Music

When Pandora launched it garnered a lot of coverage in the mainstream press. I tried it then and found, as with most music sites, that its classical knowledge wasn’t very good. I went back today, propelled by I don’t know what, and found it much, much improved. Just in case you were wondering.

Comcast Music Choice vs. XM Radio Web Sites

When traveling, I often like to listen to music. Unfortunately my choice of music tends to be classical. Classical music listeners are a minority, and most places have at best one classical station and that will be filled with commercials. One of the reasons I love XM Radio in my car is I get two…


Surprising Family with Food

Every time I’m out visiting my mom, I cook a few times. I’m not sure why, I just do. This time I made something that I thought was simple — home made marinara sauce with grilled steak, fresh mozzarella cheese, and lightly-dressed arugula. To me this is a simple dish. To my sister, her husband,…

RSS Bandit "Phoenix"

I’m an RSS Bandit user. I have been for years — before I knew it was written by Dare Obasanjo. He and his RSS Bandit team on Sourceforge have been working on it for years. It has one deficiency that I haven’t liked: I read feeds on multiple computers and they would get out of…