"To Truly Understand What It Is to Be an American You Must Eat Wonder Bread"

Earlier this week, two engineers from Microsoft in Germany (Sebastien Peray and Marcel Tilly) joined the Popfly team to work on adding a feature to Popfly. They invented a clever way to substitute one Popfly block for another a few months ago and were able to come out to Redmond to integrate the code this week.

In any event, I found myself trying to think of things that they should do to get the American experience. I had a long list of fairly normal things -- places to see and so on. But food is a distinct part of any country's culture that always speaks to me and I began to riff on foodstuffs and wound up listing things that I grew up thinking nothing about but seem to amaze and confuse people coming in from other countries. To wit:

I have fond memories of all of these (except Spam). But this list gave way to the headline of this blog post.

Lord knows why I'm writing this.

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  1. Ed Bott says:

    You forgot Oscar Mayer weiners. Good luck getting that song out of your head now.

  2. johnmont says:

    I wish I were an Oscar Meyer….    Crap.    Thanks a lot.

  3. PeterPla says:

    Maybe they can shed some light on German Black Forest cakes – do they anything to do with either Germany or the Black Forest?

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