How to Make a Popfly Application a Full Facebook Application

In this short screencast, I'll show you how to take a Popfly application (in this case, a mashup) and turn it into a full Facebook application using the ".facebook" feature of Popfly.


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  1. cringleberry says:

    I’ve alway wondered how to create facebook applications. Its really is easy with popfly

  2. Sumu babu says:

    There is a problem… when the app is made, all we can see in the profile page (in the app) is the 3 ducks (logo of popfly)!!!

  3. Hank says:

    You must have much patience… My school’s computers take forever to load pages when using IE, but we just install Firefox and it works wonderfully. >:]

  4. Omar Abid says:

    What’s the lang used on POPfly ?? where the application is hosted ??

  5. Mark Griffin says:

    Come across this program and think it’s brill

  6. johnmont says:

    @sumu Can you send me a pointer to your app?

  7. johnmont says:

    @omar It’s JavaScript, HTML, and XAML. The applications load from Popfly but run locally in your browser.

  8. Laura Gullett says:

    The screen is so tiny.  I right clicked, looked for an icon to resize it, and just found nothing.  How do I resize the screen he is working on?

  9. johnmont says:

    @laura Double-click on the screencast.

  10. John Hess says:

    One way to make the screen he is working on larger is to reduce your resolution; i.e.: change resolution to 800 x 600 on your video settings.

  11. Tshepang Sentsho says:

    Its great but im encounting so many problems with it

  12. johnmont says:


    Like what?


  13. Ikeora D O says:

    Double click the screen for Full Screen Mode

  14. Yesterday afternoon we updated Popfly with arguably the most fun feature yet for both viewers and game

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