The New Popfly Game Creator

This morning we’re launching an alpha of the Popfly Game Creator (, a Silverlight-based environment that makes it easy for anyone to create and share a casual game – something like Space Invaders, Asteroids, or Breakout – without having to write a line of code. If you’re familiar with Popfly today, all the existing features…


Popfly on Moonlight

I’ll be darned. Daniele Muscetta has Popfly running on Moonlight.   Technorati Tags: Popfly, Virtual Earth, Moonlight, Silverlight, Mashups



And this is an interview question how?


Popfly in the News

You probably already know that Mark Frydenberg at Bentley College used Popfly in some of his introduction to information technology courses. Campus Technology magazine pointed to his work to show how Bentley is trying to teach the impact of technology on business practice. When students use Popfly to create mashups — such as geotagged photos…