The Art of the Demo

A conversation on Twitter got me thinking. That’s kind of rare. Thinking, I mean. At least for me. In my time, I’ve given a lot of demos. I am not a demo god. Don Box is a demo god. Scott Guthrie simply exists on a separate plane. I mostly note what they do from the…


Popfly Update

Earlier in the week we quietly updated Popfly. Why quietly? Because we really didn’t add any new features. We fixed some bugs, sure, but mostly what we did was roll out an improved caching system. Between the middle-tier cache and changes we made to take better advantage of the browser’s cache, we’re seeing anywhere from…


It’s About the Data

Popfly, a mashup tool, depends on three things: data that is simple to access programmatically, interesting, and available under terms that enable users to work with it. As with most software endeavors, you can pick two. The government has a huge amount of interesting data that’s available under really great terms. Weather? Check out….