Enter the Porch

As part of our remodel, considerable work was done on the front porch. Unfortunately, that work didn’t include putting up the railings. This weekend has been the weekend for me to replace them. This has involved purchasing 4x6s and 2x4s to create the classic Craftsman heavy look, then assembling them, which has involved tracing the…


Popfly Game Creator Beta, or "Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges…"

Popfly, which we opened to the public last fall as a web mashup tool, has come a long way. Over the last ten months we launched an add-in for Visual Studio (Popfly Explorer) so people could create and open projects on the Popfly site from VS, a lightweight structured data storage system, we worked with…


Chocolate. Mmmm. Chocolate.

About a month ago my wife and I attended the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon. With a name like that, I had no idea what to expect. When we showed up we paid our $20 admission (<cough>) and walked in. When we arrived, it looked like a miniature version of every computer trade show I’ve ever…


"VS 2008 SP1 Doesn’t Patch VS Express"

A customer noted yesterday that the patch for "big VS" (that is, Visual Studio 2008 Standard, Professional, and Visual Studio Team Suite) doesn’t patch Visual Studio Express. We did this because of the patch size: in the past Express customers would download one of the Express products (probably 50-60MB) and then have to apply the…


Time to Brag!

Have you created a really cool Popfly project? If so, we want to hear from you!  Click here to send us your story and you may be featured on our site! Technorati Tags: Popfly


Ten Fun Popfly Games

Created by students. AlfredTh has the list. Technorati Tags: Popfly, Casual Games, Students


Adding Your Images to Games

A coworker who is teaching Popfly to his daughter just asked me, I’m working with my daughter who is working on a game and she wants to import a picture to be an actor. How does she do that? And is there a wiki or other site to get these kinds of answers? For once…


Alas Poor Houseplant, We Knew Him

My wife has had a houseplant for the past ten years. It’s one of those plants with huge leaves that thrives on being ignored. Despite ridiculous underwatering and one notable experience where we left it in the sun for a couple of days and it started to turn brown and crispy, it has done exceptionally…


Introduction to Plumbing

Plumbing is my least favorite home improvement task. Today I tried to repair the drain in my mom’s front bathroom. The pop-up wouldn’t go up and down. Based on this and all my previous plumbing experience, I have come up with John’s Rule of Plumbing: All plumbing work takes three trips: Trip 1: Get the…


Running Toilet

The toilet in the bathroom I was using in my mom’s house was running. Not a "jiggle-the-handle" kind of running — more like an "unstoppable-gallon-an-hour" kind of run. I lived with it for a couple of days, thinking, "If I were back in Seattle I’d go to the hardware store, buy replacement innards, and install…