Screencast: Encoding, Uploading, and Embedding a Silverlight Streaming Screencast

As a follow-on to the last screencast (about how to do a screencast), I’ve created a screencast that takes that screencast, uploads it to Silverlight Streaming, then uses the instructions on Catherine Heller’s blog to embed the resuling Silverlight application into my blog using an iframe. In addition to the strange hall-of-mirrors effect of making…


Screencast: How to Create a Screencast 1

After being asked several times how to create a screencast, I figured I’d just do a screencast of it and upload it to Silverlight Streaming.    


Popfly Beta Today

Today, Steve Ballmer announced at the Web 2.0 Summit that Popfly has moved from closed alpha to open beta; we’ve lifted the invitation-only restriction and anyone with a Live ID can now browse to the site, create an account, and start building and embedding mashups. So what’s new in this release? The Popfly Team blog has…


Web 2.0 Summit Kiosk Application

The Popfly team put together an application that aggregates news about the Web 2.0 Summit. If you go to Web2Summit’s Twitter account and click “Follow,” post your blog postings with a Technorati tag of Web2Summit and your Flickr photos with a Web2Summit tag, they should appear on the screens around the Web 2.0 Summit floor….


Web 2.0 Summit Presentation Over

Evidently I had 75 minutes, not 45 minutes. 30 minutes of vamping. Technorati Tags: Web2Summit, Popfly


8:30AM Wednesday: Popfly Presentation at Web 2 Summit

I’m sitting here in San Francisco preparing myself for a presentation tomorrow morning at the Web 2.0 Summit. Ostensibly the presentation is on Microsoft’s Software + Services In Action. I guess they asked me to do it because they decided “in action” means “show a really long demo of Popfly.” What questions would you like…


Social Networking is a Feature

In February, Om Malik wrote “Are Social Networks Just a Feature?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as other posts started to appear such as Jon Udell’s Critical mass and social network fatigue and Tim O’Reilly’s Social Network Fatigue and the Missing Web 2.0 Address Book, I realized that yes, they were just…


We Bought a Pig

Yesterday, at the Pigs on Parade auction we purchased a pig. If you’ve spent any time around downtown Seattle you’ve probably seen one of these illustrious beasts hanging around looking porcine. If you haven’t spent any time around downtown Seattle, suffice it to say that the they are large (4-foot x 5-foot) fiberglass pigs that…


Brad Demoed Popfly

Brad Abrams demoed Popfly at ReMix Boston. It was in the context of explaining RIAs and Silverlight, but it’s always nice to be called out as a cool example of something.   Technorati Tags: Popfly, ReMix, Silverlight


Diminishing Returns

I read “Product Management is Politics” with some interest. James’s post covers several areas that are perpetual (frustrating) truisms of product development, including the time-quality-features-people (pick two) dilemma. It got me to thinking about my own experience and perceptions. The natural behavior of development teams is to make incremental improvements to existing software. Yes, there are…