Popfly Updated

We've pushed the latest update to Popfly.com. The team blog lists the top features, including, evidently, "More cowbell."

Gee, I wonder who wrote that...

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  1. I got a fever, and the only prescription is…

  2. Max says:


    I’m very interested in the Popfly project and, in general, in the consumer-ization of middleware concepts (done so far also by Google and Yahoo).

    I’m very curious about the direction you guys will give to Popfly. One of the first questions is if this project will remain in the consumer area or if it will cross the line and be directed to the smb market as the “burocracy killer” I dreamt about when I started working in the IT integration area.


    p.s. I posted this thought in Aaron blog and he "directed" me to his boss 😉

  3. johnmont says:

    Right now we have no plans to take Popfly out of the "consumer" area and into the realm of business. It’d be awesome of someone tackled that set of scenarios, but you need a lot of features Popfly isn’t designed for.


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