Welcome to Popfly

Today (that'd be Friday) we're announcing Microsoft Popfly(tm), which is the project my team has been working on. It's a simple, web-based tool that makes it easy to create mashups, web pages, and so on. We also have a Visual Studio 2005 package that enables you to connect VS to Popfly.

This is a simple example of a Popfly creation: it's a mashup between the pictures of cats from Flickr, and our "Whack-a-Mole" block.


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  1. Blogs says:

    With what it states as "another piece in [Microsoft's] company-wide outreach in helping non

  2. John Montgomery is an old friend who is currently at Microsoft. He has alluded to working on a project codenamed "Tuscany" in his blog, but has been quiet about what it actually is, until this morning. Welcome to Popfly demonstrates the technology. The

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