Twitter + Virtual Earth in Popfly

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  1. Patrick says:

    Wonderfull work, just wonderfull looking forward in using it.

  2. johnmont says:


  3. kennethkao says:

    Can you please send me an invite?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Daisuke says:

    Hi John 🙂

    I’m Windows Shell/User MVP names Daisuke !

    What a great Mashingup twitter – popfly-earth it is.

    If it may please invite me about Popfly , thanks m(_ _)m

    And adding me for Twitter (daisuke)!

    Best Regards !

    dosada [at] gmail dot com

  5. johnmont says:

    Right now, the best way to get an invitation is to sign up on the wait list. We should start sending invitations from it next week.

  6. Jim Pick says:

    All I see is a white box that says:

    "Sorry, your user profile is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

    Am I supposed to be able to see anything?  I do I need to get an invitation first?

  7. johnmont says:

    That’s strange — you should see a Virtual Earth map with pushpins for people who are twittering. Not sure what would be causing what you’re seeing, but you don’t need an invitation to see this.

  8. Jay says:


    I coppied the embed to a post on my blog (operated using WordPress) and for some reason it prevented the side bar from loading. Are you aware of such problem?

  9. shorty_p says:

    I do have the same problem with Firefox, but it works just fine with IE.

  10. shorty_p says:

    The problem was a coockie, trying to sign in at, delete that and you may see the map.

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