Maker Faire: Meet the Popfly Team

Tonight a lot of my team and I head down to San Mateo, CA for O'Reilly's Maker Faire. I've never been and am pretty excited to see what people are up to -- things like the Fab@Home look neat. We'll be in the Microsoft Coding4Fun booth giving demos of Popfly and painting rubber ducks.

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  1. Hey, whadayaknow: John and the Popfly team will be at the O’Reilly Maker Faire this weekend in San Mateo.

  2. Mr.T says:

    Haw did it go? Did you like it?

  3. the ducks were fun, and we like Popfly… but you might want a note in the post that anyone who tries to sign in to Popfly and hasn’t yet got an activated account will get the profile error instead of the mashup in the post 😉

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