New Encryption Technique Discovered

MARCH 06, 2007, REDMOND -- Microsoft today announced the creation of a new super-secure encryption technique, doubling previous techniques. Dubbed "ROT-26," the new technique applies a complex mathematical algorithm recently created in Microsoft Research. The previous technique (ROT-13) was only capable of half the complexity.

"This technique heralds a new day for customer privacy," said John Montgomery, Person Who Has Nothing To Do With The Invention. "By doubling the complexity of time-honored encryption algorithm, Microsoft has enabled a new generation of software to be created."

Upon hearing of the invention, Bruce Schneier giggled and refused comment.

(Yes, it's an old joke, but it came up again today.)

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  1. Is it April 1st yet?

  2. johnmont says:

    I don’t know. Has the US government decided to change the date of April 1 to March 8 in addition to messing up my cell phone by changing the date on which daylight savings goes into effect?


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