On i’m: Giving Easily

The new "i'm" program that the Live team is running is truly clever. Beyond clever: it's brilliant. Every statistic I've seen indicates that most people don't contribute to charity for one reason or another -- maybe they don't have the disposable income, or to do so is too hard from a logistics standpoint, or they just never thought they could make a difference. The i'm program makes it dead-simple to do: just do what you do anyway.

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  1. Einar G. says:

    It would be cool if we who live outside US could take part in this…at lest I would join same instant.

  2. johnmont says:

    It would indeed be cool. I don’t know what the plans are for taking this outside the US, but I’ll ask around.

  3. johnmont says:

    A quick check with the team says no current plans, but they are interested.

  4. Two thoughts on this:

    1) It’s very clever, especially given it’s also viral.  Forcing people to have the "I’M" logo in their IM name makes other people go "what’s that?" and in turn sign up as well.

    2) There’s very little detail about how exactly the revenue sharing is done, what the rates are, and how much users (individually or in aggregate) are generating over any given amount of time.

    Would be nice to have some numbers behind the feel good.

  5. johnmont says:

    Yes, the viral part is amazing. And they made it simple to do.

    I read the FAQ on this and I think they explain how that kind of information is considered confidential to the particular deal. I believe the minimum donation is $100,000, however.

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