Sir Ken Robinson on Education

My boss sent this my way a couple of days ago. I put off looking at it since it seemed like it would be work-related and we all know that in the weeks preceding and following Christmas It Is Forbidden to Do Work. In any event I watched it today and finally characterized it as a 30-minute standup routine with about six brilliant ideas in it. This was the most palatable presentation of a deeply though-out call to rethink education that I've ever seen.

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  1. William Pickett (Albuquerque NM) says:

    This short, but extremely vital video, begins to build a new foundation on what needs to be the future of humanity. It is definitely reassuring to know that there are folks who understand this point of view. We all get to stand up and make a difference in how we view life and the education process as well. It is time we banish stupidity and ignorance from humanity, one person, one family, one community-one planet-at a time;  what will you, reading this, now do to help?

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