The Blogging Process

Who out there just writes and posts their blog entries, and who spends time and edits them? Just curious...

Comments (3)

  1. MiniMage says:

    I do both, although much more of the latter.

  2. Nick says:

    I tend to do much more of the first at first… and then as I re-read what I wrote later, find all those glaring mistakes that bug the hell out of me.  So then I go back and edit them as I find them.

  3. I try to spend some good time on my posts. I think about them for a while before I start writing them. I write them offline so that I can spellcheck them and re-read them a couple of times to make edits. They are not always perfect but I try to make them read well.

    Every once in a while I toss something together quickly and dump it into my blog. That often turns out to be a mistake and I wind up editing some of them later. Whoops.

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