The New Coffee, One Month Later

I've now spent over a month dabbling in the new office coffee, produced by the local Starbucks machines. I have to say, it works -- it's OK stuff. I still prefer the brew that comes out of my own coffee pot, but relative to the old stuff, this is pretty good. 

What I don't understand is why some floors have two machines and some have one. I'm sure there was logic applied, but the pattern seems random.  

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  1. Xepol says:

    Fractal coffee distribution pattern analysis?

    Maybe it’s an experiment.  Cameras are secretly recording if people have a left/right preference even when the coffee is the same.  And then, many many months later when they change it so that one machine is crappy in comparison see if patterns change.

    Some of the single machine floors are controls to see if a change in flavour causes drops in usage and the other single machine floors are controls for over all usage rates.

    Or maybe they just have a history of higher usage on those floors, which would not be immediately obvious.

    Now you gotta decide – is your coffee consumption being monitorer, are some floors just more coffee happy than others, or perhaps some floors are run by managers with better pull than others.

    Hey, maybe one machine dispenses decaffinated and that’s what they are testing.

    You’ll know for sure if they start installing wheels to jog in and tagging your ears…  Seen anyone with numbers on their backs lately?

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