Outlook Map Add-In

Blake's list of free Windows software reminded me about the Windows Live Local add-in for Outlook, a neat utility.

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Thanks for the mention — of course your company has SO much free software that I listed your Microsoft Office software separately! (^_^)


  2. Simon Bisson says:

    It would be good if it didn’t break VSTO 2005 applications that do index-based menu item positioning…

    (Took me three days to work out what was breaking my application code for a magazine article I was working on!)

  3. johnmont says:

    Interesting. I’ll harass the VSTO team. Thanks for the pointer!

  4. Eric Carter says:

    It’s hard to be absolutely certain from your comment Simon what you are doing, but if you are relying on the indexes of menu items to stay the same, it seems like this would be broken by any add-in, VSTO or COM add-in, that adds menus.  Reliance on the index of a menu item staying the same is a risky assumption.  If you are adding custom menu items you should use the id of the menu item you want to add your custom menu item before or after rather than relying on indexes which could change even just by the user customizing their own menus.

    Of course, I may be misunderstanding the problem in which case I apologize in advance.

  5. Simon Bisson says:

    I was using the standard VSTO sample code approach of using the position of the Help menu item as the base for adding in new menu items.

    It’s the technique used in all the hands-on-labs…

    I’ll take a look at alternate approaches next time!

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