Optiplex or Precision?

Our team is going through the exercise of purchasing new systems and we're weighing the benefits of the higher-performance Dell Precision desktops and the more cost-effective Optiplex systems. It's almost a 2-for-1 deal on Optiplex vs. Precision, but given some of the work that's going to come our way using things like WPF, I'm leaning heavily toward the heftier systems. Of course, this means that some of our later employees will be left using Etch-a-Sketches instead of computers...

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    While most of my enterprise clients use Optiplex — many have been getting Precision’s now because of the better video cards available (as opposed to the slower shared memory on the Optiplex).

  2. johnmont says:

    Thanks, Blake. I think we’re going to opt for more of the Precisions, though it’s going to cause some pain in our budget.

  3. Yaron says:

    Given that your group is writing AJAX software for use by normal users wouldn’t you want the devs and certainly the PMs using machines that act like normal user’s systems?

  4. johnmont says:

    We’re writing a variety of software and most of us already have reasonable systems for day-to-day work.

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