Adding a New Front

After a few comments from coworkers and commenters on my blog here on MSDN, I've come to the realization that I need to keep two blogs (though I have been pretty lax about keeping one, but that's mostly due to the fact that we've been cranking on our project here at Microsoft): one for work here on MSDN that talks about technology and one for the other random stuff I bump into on Live Spaces. So from here on out, musings about paint, electrical, or whatever will be over there and musings about work will be over here.

Given that the top posts to my blog are either about the Maytag front-loader class action suit or how to paint, I have a feeling my blog here is going to get a lot less traffic. 🙂

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  1. Yaron says:

    Sigh, that kinda sucks. My blog list is already infintely long as it is. Now will people start having two blogs a piece? My blog allows people to subscribe to specific categories instead of the whole blog. So people who aren’t interested only in my technology articles can subscribe to the technology section.

  2. johnmont says:

    And you don’t maintain a blog on I don’t think very many MSDN blog readers care about the Maytag class action suit.

  3. Yaron says:

    I don’t use for many reasons, a simpler one being that they don’t have e-mail notifications! That seriously sucks. The only reason I saw your comment is because of the cranky pants post. Otherwise I wouldn’t have checked this article again.

    But now not only am I unhappy with but I’m even more unhappy with spaces. Did you actually configure your blog to require commenters to have a Live ID or is it required by spaces? For now, I’m way too lazy to login via live ID so if I need to comment on an article on your other blog I’ll just have to pick a random article on this blog and post here.

    Of course, without e-mail notifications, I won’t see the response.

    Try or some other site that doesn’t suck.

  4. Yaron says:

    And, as the previous post demonstrates, I’m clearly quite cranky.

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