What We’re Doing: Cool Tools

While I’ve been running around creating PPTs and sending email, Adam has been working on a prototype development experience that’s designed to take someone with no knowledge of code through to creating simple Web sites with HTML and Javascript or VBscript, teaching them along the way about things like methods, classes, events, properties, loops, and conditionals. It sounds boring, but the implementation he’s come up with is pretty amazing – awesome to look at and really amazingly easy to use. I’m hoping that we get it to a point where we can post it publicly pretty soon so we can show some of the thinking we’ve been doing, but for right now we’re heads down on getting it to a point where it satisfies our core scenarios.

Comments (2)

  1. Denise says:

    When is this new product set for release? I for one am interested in learning more!

  2. Here’s a plea – make it cover the document object model for JavaScript. The jump from using JavaScript by copying and adapting a script to do in-page stuff like navigation to using the JavaScript DOM to pull stuff out of a site like Flickr is a state change in programming Web sites and where the novice coder hits a wall. Especially with the emphasis on mashups these days, pulling together external JavaScript resources is something people want to do and get very confused by (I certainly did!)

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