We Have a Name: NPT

We still need a name for the team. Since none of the ideas we came up with previously seemed to pass the internal sniff test (go figure), I decided that I’d opt for naming it descriptively: the Non-Professional Tools Team, or NPT for short.

We’re still working on tools for hobbyists and novices and still working on creating some services. Only the name has changed.

Comments (4)

  1. What do you think about Non-Professional Development Tools Team?  I’m assuming the team only focuses on the creation of development tools for the non-professional developer audience?

  2. johnmont says:

    NPDT? I suppose it’s more accurate. It also seems to save time when I can talk about the code names of our work — Tuscany, Trystar, etc.

  3. Yaron says:

    Wow, that title seems insulting to your audience. "You aren’t professional!" Just because someone isn’t writing code to sell or is just putting together something for themselves or their friends does not make them non-professional. I recognize that you probably mean professional in the ‘work for hire’ sense and maybe if you’re being generous you also mean it in the ‘to be consumed by millions’ sense (e.g. open source). But professional also implies competency. So by saying you are the non-professional tools team you essentially are accusing people who use your product of being incompetent.

  4. johnmont says:

    Interesting what you read into this. The name (still a placeholder) is technically accurate: the tools are for people who aren’t professional developers. I think many people (like you) assume a level of competency associated with such a term, but the reality is that no such relationship exists — it’s purely a term denoting whether you get paid to write code. There are quite sophisticated non-professional developers and there are quite unsophisticated professional developers. The name also doesn’t imply whether it’s for just you or consumed by millions (either is possible by a non-professional developer).

    It’s still not a great name because it defines the team in terms of what it’s not.

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