The Knees Have It

My favorite tool today is… Knee pads. Not just any knee pads, though: CLC’s Gel Kneepads with grooved caps (you can get them at Ace Hardware). I spent about six hours this evening on my knees pulling wire in cramped spaces so that we can restore the original lighting in our living and dining rooms. I was working with my knees positioned on the floor joists of the second floor for six hours. Had it not been for these incredible devices, I would have given up after an hour. Most knee pads pinch really badly at the back of my knees (especially bad when I’m working in shorts as I was this evening.

I also highly recommend CLC’s Pro Framer gloves. They leave your thumb and index and middle fingers open to do things like grab nails from a bag.

Comments (2)

  1. Sandra says:

    Mr. Montgomery,

    Thank you for the recommendation of the CLC’s Gel Kneepads.  My husband works construction remodeling swimming pools and these will come in handy.

    Question:  did you ever get your platform bed built?  We are looking to build one but don’t know where to begin as far as finding construction plans etc.  Any suggestions?

  2. johnmont says:

    I did get the platform bed built — not a particularly sophisticated one, just a frame with some plywood on top and some MDF around the sides with a nice beveled edge, basically. I didn’t use a plan.

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