Today I did two in-person interviews and five phone screens plus set up another four informational interviews. Hiring is tiring. It’s really nice when, during the course of the Microsoft interview cycle, one of the interviewers emails you and asks, “Where did you get this guy?” And then proceeds to tell you that, “If you don’t want him, I’ll take him.” High praise indeed.

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  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    You should share that feedback with your recruiter if you haven’t already. Hiring can be tiring for us too…I’m sure they would appreciate knowing that they did a good job finding someone for you.

    You may have already let your recruiter know but just in case.

  2. johnmont says:

    Actually, the candidate wasn’t found by recruiting. I found him. Or he found me. We found each other, I guess.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hmm, well then good for you! It’s nice to see a hiring manager so activley engaged in recruiting talent.

  4. johnmont says:

    I have a high incentive to fill my open headcount: without them I can’t ship a product. Recruiting is swamped and helps where it can, but the huge number of open reqs in my division means that every manager with an open req should be spending time recruiting. I have a lot of open reqs and spend roughly 1/2 of my time recruiting. It is not easy work; I don’t envy recruiting its job.

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