An Express Web Page Editor?

Do we need a complement to Visual Web Developer Express (i.e. a free, simplified Web page editor) that is aimed at the HTML jockey? If so, what features should it have?

The big question for me on this one is where a sitebuilder (the Web-based configuration utilities most hosters give you to select the features you want on your site and set the background) leaves off and where a tool begins.

Comments (3)

  1. James says:

    How would this relate to the new Sharepoint designer and Expression Web Designer? So confused…

  2. Nektar says:

    Certainly! Especially now Frontpage Express has been dropped and that even Frontpage is being renamed and changed. People need a free tool for that most common action of creating web sites. Think about CS students, etc.

  3. Oh I’d love to have a page that lets me do HTML syntax highlighting followed by step by step debugging including watches and such. It really doesn’t have to be particular fancy but for quick and dirty web pages and for experimentation it would be a lot nicer than making visual studio and IE dance together. That whole ‘attach process’ thing is nasty.

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